Bakery additives

Bakery additives

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Agar, 10 g Provita

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Preparation: mix 7g of agarwith one liter of water and make it boil. Put any kind of juice and leave in a cool place. Suitable for jam preparation.

Egg omelette mix, 250 g Orgran

€6.99 Price

Rediscover scrambled eggs once more (egg free recipe). This package is all you need to enjoy delicious omelet. Easy to prepare:
1.) Whisk 50g easy egg mixture, 240 ml water, 2.5 tsp oil until blended
2.) Heat a pan, pour some oil
3.) Pour prepared mixture in hot pan
After a few minutes, an Egg-free omelet is ready to eat

Cooking soda "Cooking...

€1.49 Price

Cooking soda "Cooking assistant", 500 g

Ingredients: baking soda - sodium bicarbonate 100%

With the help of the soda you can bake a fluffy omelette, grinders or reduce the acidity of the sauce. Soda perfectly removes dirt from fruits and vegetables, helps to eliminate specific food odors. Soda disinfects canning jars, cutting boards and removes absorbed odors.

Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool place.