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Glyde Vegan Strawberry...

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When creating the tastiest flavored condoms in the world, GLYDE ignored cheap chemical concoctions and sourced the highest quality food-grade natural and organic fruit & nut extracts on the planet. Combining this with a pink premium Ultra condom, GLYDE surpasses international quality standards with ultrathin comfort and increased sensation for the connoisseur in the mood for juicy, sugar-free strawberry vegan deliciousness. These are truly superior condoms. Vegan and Fair Trade. Size: 53 mm

Iron oral spray, 25 ml...

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A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules. Good and rapid uptake through the capillary network without reaching the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in no discomfort in the digestive system. Iron helps maintain the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, helps maintain normal oxygen transport in the body. Iron also helps maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, cognitive function.

Sprayable vitamin B12, 25...

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Food supplement with sweetener

A convenient way to help maintain vitamin B12 levels. Alternative to tablets and capsules: Vitamins are absorbed directly through the capillary network without gastrointestinal tract (avoids adverse effects on the digestive system). Vitamin B12 helps maintain a normal energy metabolism, helps maintain normal red blood cell formation.