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Agar, 10 g Provita

€1.29 Price

Preparation: mix 7g of agarwith one liter of water and make it boil. Put any kind of juice and leave in a cool place. Suitable for jam preparation.

Organic tea, energise me,...

€4.79 Price

Ingredients: organic spearmint (34%), organic peppermint (20%), organic blackberry leaves (12%), organic rooibos (7%), organic nettle leaves (7%), organic ginger roots (6%), organic lemongrass (5%), organic elderflower (2%), organic ginseng (2%).

Apple cider vinegar,...

€6.49 Price

Apple cider vinegar is rich in probiotics, the use of which can improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and even have a positive effect on mental health.

Salads, sauces, drinks, cocktails, soups, cold dishes give a mildly rich, fresh taste.

Validity: unlimited.

Sulfite free. Free of chemical ingredients. Gluten free. Not genetically modified. Suitable for vegans.

Place of origin: Lithuania.

Storage conditions: in a dark cool place. Always keep the bottle closed to prevent contamination.

Orange juice MOODMASH, 250 ml

€1.59 Price

You and your colleagues can start each day feeling better and with a dose of energy. You will ensure the best start to the day by ordering MOODMASH DAILY juice, full of flavor and vitamins. This is a 100% natural juice.