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Chocolate and nut creams

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Peanut Butter with cinnamon...

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Now - with Ceylon cinnamon! Ceylon cinnamon - the real cinnamon, originating from Sri Lanka, is more delicate than the usual cinnamon, the taste is refreshing and pleasantly sweet. Ceylon cinnamon is associated with lower blood sugar levels, so it helps to control body weight or diabetes. Peanut butter with raisins and Ceylon cinnamon is a joy for those who want a sweet but, at the same time, unsweetened natural treat. Here we do not forgive the raisins, whose pieces are fun to perch - from their cinnamon peanut butter is not only sweeter but also more fresh. It's a tiny fullness in the glass jar! Recommended combinations: - With fried apples - with banana - On the spoon - With a cup of coffee!

Classic Peanut Butter, 300...

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manufacturer's description: For all who are just beginning to get to know our nut butter, we recommend that you first try our Classic - the very first one we started to grind, so we refined it as much as we could. It is a natural peanut butter without any added fatty sweeteners. It has a very nutty taste, and additionally we add chopped nuts to the perfectly ground butter - so that while you eat it, there would be something to crunch.

Coconut Peanut Butter, 300...

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This peanut butter differs from the classic in that: 1. It is generously flavored with roasted (!) Coconut; 2. Peanuts are less toasted, so the taste of the butter that is softer are helping to reveal the taste of coconut. It will surely appeal to those who like coconuts or those who would like to add new flavors to the usual combinations of classic peanut butter. Coconut peanut butter will greatly enrich the cookies, waffles and pancakes - it can be mixed into the dough or simply topped it up, don't limit yourself to only salty combinations! Recommended combinations: - in cookies, in pink wafers and / or on wafers - cocktails In unsweetened and sweet sauces

Almond Butter, 250 g...

€9.49 Price

because of the nutritional qualities of the almonds, many of them even call them superfood, and we totally agree! In order to preserve all the goodness in the almonds, we grind it with all the shells. Unlike the ones from peanuts they are not bitter at all - they also enrich almond butter not only with fiber but also with minerals and vitamins. Because of such nut butter, it is worth waiting for breakfast! (Or brunch or lunch or dinner - depends on when you are going to eat it.)