UAB "Veganiški produktai"

Company code: 303489478

VAT payer code: LT100009408810

Address of the administration: Motorų g. 5A, Vilnius

“Veggo” is the first vegan food shop in the Baltic States. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customers from any corner of Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia can shop at the online store while the residents of Vilnius or guests can also visit a physical store.

Vegan food for us is the future of nutrition. More and more experts of healthy nutrition recommend vegan diet for those who want and are ready to live 99 or even more years. We no longer care about such things as diseases, allergies, early wrinkles or lack of energy since they simply do not exist for us.

As much as we try to care about the health, we also strive for the animal welfare. We support animal rights organizations, introduce people with vegan food and vegan alternatives to common or traditional dishes during various events. One day a fork will no more be the largest-scale killer - we believe that and it is one of our biggest aims.

Nature is a home for all of us and thus we strive and promote everyone to try to stay close to it and pollute it as little as possible. For this reason, we only use recycled paper, choose cardboard boxes that are raised for a second life for sending the parcels, carefully sort all the waste and donate the products that are getting close to their expiration date to the local organizations that take care of homeless people.

Because we care. Veggo - easy to be vegan.