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Baobab Superfruit Powder,...

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Discover Aduna Baobab. The 100% organic nutrient-dens raw fruit that dries naturally on the branch. It's almost 50% fibre and is an excellent source of vitamin C. How to use Aduna Baobab: Aduna Baobab has a unique sherbet-like citrussy flavour. Blend 2-4 teaspoons into your favourite smoothie, sprinkle onto porridge or mix with yoghurt.

Organic tea, energise me,...

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Ingredients: organic spearmint (34%), organic peppermint (20%), organic blackberry leaves (12%), organic rooibos (7%), organic nettle leaves (7%), organic ginger roots (6%), organic lemongrass (5%), organic elderflower (2%), organic ginseng (2%).