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Agar-agar, 10 g Provita

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Preparation: mix 7g of agar with one liter of water and make it boil. Put any kind of juice and leave in a cool place. Suitable for jam preparation.

Amarandijahu, 100 g +- 4...

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Some of the most unique health benefits of amaranth include its ability to stimulate growth and repair, reduce inflammation, prevent certain chronic diseases, boost bone strength, lower blood pressure, improve the immune system, reduce the appearance of varicose veins, maintain healthy hair, and ease weight loss efforts. HOW TO USE: Provide health promoting qualities of each dish. Perfect for soups, casseroles, salads, baked goods, smoothies, juices, natural yogurt.

Mustsõstrajahu, 100 g +- 4...

5,19 € Hind

Improve your health with this potent nutraceutical. The term ‘nutraceutical’ refers to a food that has medicinal benefits. Blackcurrants have been rumoured to have these qualities for centuries. Healers used them for conditions such as arthritis, liver disease, kidney stones, gout, inflammation of the mouth, stomach and bowel disorders, lung ailments, fatigue, and as a diuretic. Our ancestors were clearly on to something – the health benefits of blackcurrants are now being confirmed by solid scientific evidence. 1 teaspoon of BLACK CURRANT powder = 100 g. fresh black currant. HOW TO USE: Perfect for soups, casseroles, salads, baked goods, smoothies, juices, natural yogurt. You can also enjoy full of vitamins and excellent aroma tea.

Kanepiproteiin, 100 g +- 4...

1,80 € Hind

DESCRIPTION: One of the under-appreciated benefits of hemp, at least in the US, is as a food source. Hemp powder also known as "hemp hearts", are rich in healthy fats, protein, and minerals. Hemp powder are usually consumed after the hard outer shell is removed, leaving just the soft, creamy "heart" behind. The powder have a slight nutty flavour, making them incredibly versatile for use in cooking, baking, or for adding to smoothies and salads. Some of their primary health benefits include: Excellent Source of Nutrition, Heart Health, Skin He

Maapirnijahu, 100 g +- 4...

3,99 € Hind

Jerusalem artichokes contain plenty of inulin, a type of prebiotic fiber that has been credited with a number of health benefits due to its medicinal properties. Many of these health effects can be attributed to the ability of inulin to stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria. Naturally present in the large intestine, bifidobacteria fight harmful bacteria in the intestines, prevent constipation, and give the immune system a boost. Furthermore, evidence indicates that bifidobacteria help reduce intestinal concentrations of certain carcinogenic enzymes. 1 teaspoon of JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES powder = 1 fresh Jerusalem artichoke. HOW TO USE: Use powder 1 teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning before a meal.

Ökoloogiline kakaovõi, 100...
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Ökoloogiline kakaovõi, 100...

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Dominikaani kakaost valmistatud kakaovõi tropsid on ideaalsed kokkamiseks ja koduste keha- ja juuksehooldustoodete valmistamiseks. Tropsid teevad kakaovõist vajaliku koguse eraldamise ja sulatamise eriti lihtsaks.

Tahhiini, 420 g Natural

4,99 € Hind

Tahini is an oily paste made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds used in North African, Greek, Iranian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Tahini is served as a dip on its own or as a major component of hummus, baba ghanoush, and halva.