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Orange juice MOODMASH, 250 ml

€1.59 Price

You and your colleagues can start each day feeling better and with a dose of energy. You will ensure the best start to the day by ordering MOODMASH DAILY juice, full of flavor and vitamins. This is a 100% natural juice.

Maniva mineral water pH8...

€1.49 Price

Maniva is an Alpine mountain area in the Italian province of Brescia. The name comes from Maniva mountain.

- pH 8.1 at the source.

- The alkaline properties of Maniva Alpine water are ensured by the special protection of the "Tetra Pak®" packaging, - the primary purity of the water from the source is ensured (protected from light, in aseptic packaging), and environmental protection is ensured due to the plant-based box material.

- VEGANOK certified product.

- The vegetable plastic cap is made from sugar cane.

- "SMILE-BOX Maniva pH8" packaging is fully recyclable!

Cocktail raspberry and...

€1.79 Price

Product description: pineapple and mint cocktail - JUNGLE SQUEEZE. The unique technology HCCT (Homogenized Cold Crushed Technology) is used in the production of Moodmash juice. The HCCT cooking method is unique in that all berries, fruits and vegetables are rubbed at low temperatures and homogenized over time. Thanks to this technology, we can offer you natural and healthy fruit cocktails, keeping the true taste of your favorite fruits and vegetables. MOODMASH fruit and vegetable cocktails have unique features:

NFC - not from concentrate

NO added sugar

NO artificial colors

NO artificial flavors

WITHOUT added water