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Prezervatīvi Coca cola,...

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Glyde condoms are the only truly vegan condoms certified by the Vegan Society. Made of natural rubber latex, with only natural and vegan colours and flavours. Every condom is electronically tested. Size: 53 mm.

Prezervatīvi ar vaniļas...

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When creating the tastiest flavored condoms in the world, GLYDE ignored cheap chemical concoctions and sourced the highest quality food-grade natural and organic fruit & nut extracts on the planet. Combining this with a yellow Ultra latex condom, GLYDE surpasses international quality standards with ultrathin comfort and increased sensation for the connoisseur in the mood for tasty, vegan, sugar-free vanilla deliciousness. Size: 53 mm

Izsmidzināms vitamīns B12,...

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B12 has been proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as aiding concentration and memory. The award winning formulation is delivered orally under the tongue, quickly entering the bloodstream for the ultimate in bio-availability and convenience. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, if you're feeling increasingly tired or for those who travel.

Vegānu prezervatīvi Maxi, 1...

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Glyde kondoome kirjeldab suurepärane kvaliteet, hea istuvus ja mugavus. Puhtal taimepõhisel koostisel põhinevad vegan kondoomid on valmistatud kvaliteetset tootmistehnoloogiat kasutades ning mõeldud Sinu ja Su partneri naudingu suurendamiseks (: