Organic tea set, English Tea Shop Classic Collection, 30 units

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Organic tea set, English Tea Shop Classic Collection with six different flavours wrapped in 30 individual pyramid tea bags.

5x Green Tea Pomegranate - Organic Green Tea with Pomegranate and Rose petals

Ingredients: Organic and Fairtrade green tea(85%), organic rose petals(5%), organic pomegranate pieces(5%), natural flavourings(5%).

5x English Breakfast - Organic Ceylon Black Tea

Ingredients: Organic and Fairtrade pure Ceylon black tea(100%).

5x Earl Grey - Organic Black Tea with Bergamot

Ingredients: Organic and Fairtrade Ceylon black tea(95%), natural flavourings(5%).

5x Peppermint - Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Organic and Fairtrade peppermint(100%).

5x Green Tea - Organic green tea

Ingredients: Organic green tea (100%)

5x Black Tea Chai

Ingredients: pure Ceylon black tea(46%), organic cinnamon (12%), organic cardamom (8%), organic cloves (6%), organic nutmeg (6%), organic mace (4%), organic ginger (4%), organic licorice (4%), organic star anice (4%), organic fennel (2%), organic orange peels (2%), organic black pepper (2%). Contains licorice - people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka


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